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Surprise Gift Presented at Well-Attended January Meeting
Posted on Jan 10th, 2019 Comments (1)
The January Member Meeting was held at Rolled and Baked, a new biscuit eatery on Castle St. Nearly 80 members attended and listened to the guest speakers from the Wilmington Police Department, led by Chief Evangelous. They spoke about the reduction in downtown crime and the problems related to homeless persons. 
A surprise gift from the estate of former member June Huff was given to ROW. Long-time member Muriel Pearson presented a check for $5,000 to Mayor Phoebe Bragg in memory of June. 
Members enjoyed a cocktail hour at 6:00.
Best ROW Party Ever!
Posted on Dec 7th, 2018 Comments (0)
Over 100 members had a wonderful time celebrating the Holiday Party at the Hannah Block Center. Members mingled with each other before President Phoebe Bragg and Board Member Joe Pawlik paid a special tribute to long-time member and former President, Tom Mitchell. After a meal of the delicious food, members were treated to a special rendition of the 12 Days of Christmas, led by Ann Erb. Music was provided by the talented duo of Barry and Sylvia, prompting many members to dance the night away. The consensus was that it was the best ROW party ever! More pictures are on the Members Only Page.
A Special Thanks to Ann Erb for coordinating this wonderful event.
Membership Party at the Bellamy
Posted on Oct 10th, 2018 Comments (0)
The annual ROW Membership Party was held October 10 at the Bellamy Mansion. Over a hundred members attended the ROW party, despite the threat of a tropical storm. The party was chaired by ROW Board Member Darla Hamby, who enlisted the help of Chris Robinson, standing beside Darla in the photo above. On the right are member helpers  Pam Gonzales and Pat Tarr.
Downtown Wilmington Issues
Posted on Jul 13th, 2017 Comments (0)
Residents in the Historic District will be impacted by decisions made by the City, County and State in the coming weeks, months and years that affect the quality of life downtown. These issues are monitored closely by ROW as explained below.
I.  The City Council has approved regulations for Home Stay Short Term rentals. Home Stays are rented rooms in homes where the owner lives on the premises. These new Home Stay regulations will become effective March 1, 2019:
  • Home Stay owners must register each year and provide proof of property ownership.
  • The owner must buy $500,000 of commercial liability insurance.
  • The owner must keep records of all rentals and pay the city occupancy tax based on those records.
  • Information about the property and the police non-emergency phone number must be posted in the house.
The Council will address Whole House Short Term Rentals in 2019. ROW opposes Whole House STRs in residential neighborhoods because the owner is not on the premises. The City estimates that approximately 540 STRs (both Whole House and Home Stays) are operating within Wilmington.  If you want to voice your concerns about protecting the Residential Districts, email the City Council at:  Council@wilmington.gov
II. The Grace Street Project concerns the development of the downtown block that is owned by New Hanover County and contains the public library. County Commissioners are considering proposals for a public-private redevelopment of the block that could affect the library, the recently-built Story Book Park, a parking garage, the Register of Deeds building and an empty parcel bordering Grace Street. Moving the Cape Fear Museum to the site is a possibility. 
III. Hearings will again be held in spring 2019 for the Cape Fear Crossing Project to determine the location of a new bridge between Brunswick and New Hanover Counties. The two routes that would impact the Downtown Historic District have been eliminated. Six routes south of the current Cape Fear Bridge, closer to the Port area, are under consideration. A schedule of events will be published by the Wilmington Urban Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). DOT estimates bridge construction will take five years.
IV. The City has reviewed its brick street policy to determine steps for improving the existing brick streets since many have been covered with asphalt. The City Council allocated funds for "Brick Street Rehabilitation" in the 2017-18 Budget Capital Improvement Program. Repairs and restoration are underway on S. 4th Street between Market and Dock Streets; on Queen Street between S. 2nd and S. 7th Streets; and on S. 7th Street between Queen and Mears.