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Residents of Old Wilmington Residents of Old Wilmington
Residents of Old Wilmington

Tribute to "Miss Dolly"
Posted on Jan 22nd, 2021

Members Pay Tribute to a Founder of ROW
A group of ROW members gathered at a median in South Fifth Avenue on Sunday, January 17, 2021, to dedicate an engraved stone in memory of Dolly Pearson, a founder of ROW. "Miss Dolly," as she was affectionately called, lived at the corner of Nun and Fifth Avenue for most of her life. She was active in ROW and continued to attend meetings in her golden years. Dolly loved to garden and ROW awards the "Dolly Pearson Garden Award" to outstanding local gardeners.
The inscription on the stone is:
Dolly Jane Humphrey Pearson
May the seeds Miss Dolly planted
in downtown Wilmington
forever bloom.
Residents of Old Wilmington
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