ROW continually provides funds to aid groups interested in improving Downtown Wilmington. Those funds are provided through ROW's annual Back Door Kitchen Tour. A grant request must first be submitted to ROW for consideration by the Board. Scroll to the bottom of the page for information about submitting a request.
Giblem Lodge
Between 1871 and 1873, members of the recently emancipated Black community erected the building, known as the Giblem Lodge. It became home to the second Black Masonic lodge in North Carolina, founded in 1866 not long after the end of the Civil War. Over the course of the next century, the building would serve many other purposes. As a polling precinct, it was one of the first places Black men would express their right to vote. It functioned as a thriving marketplace, bringing together inventors, craftsmen and artisans for the state’s first “Colored Industrial Exposition.”
Residents of Old Wilmington, a nonprofit advocating for preservation and beautification in historic neighborhoods, is sponsoring the first step: a structural engineers report.
Historic Wilmington Foundation (HWF) has the experience and connections to bring in consultants, apply for grants and support the overall journey to revitalize the building. Once complete, the report will clear up the needs of the building and give a better idea of how much it all will cost. HWF and Giblem Lodge can then formulate a scope of work and send components of the project out to bid.
Grant to the Bellamy Mansion and the Burgwin-Wright House
A grant for $2,000 was given to the Bellamy Mansion for needed roof repairs resulting from Hurricane Florence.
A grant for $2,000 was also awarded to the Burgwin-Wright House for an appropriate fence around the existing air conditioning unit.
Grant to the USS North Carolina Battleship
ROW's made a grant for flag lighting on the USS North Carolina Battleship. The check for the $1500 grant was delivered to Captain Terry Bragg on Friday, November 10th,2017, as shown in the photo below. From left:
Darla Hamby, ROW membership Chair, Margi Ericson, ROW Grant Chair and Ginger Gerrard, BDKT Chair. Behind them are Captain Terry Bragg and ROW Mayor, Phoebe Bragg.
Grant to Children's Museum
ROW awarded a grant to the Children's Museum for $2500. (Above)The check was presented to Jim Karl, the Museum's Director, by ROW President, Phoebe Bragg (on the left), Grant Chairperson, Margi Ericson, and Board members Ginger Garrard, Beverly Grasley and Darla Hamby. The grant from ROW was in support of renovation and expansion of “The Science of You”, a STEM exhibit.  The exhibit includes life size models, hands-on displays and virtual reality technology to allow children to explore how their bodies function and master concepts in life biology, basic chemistry and the physics of movement.
Over the last several years we have distributed over $62,000 to groups ranging from the Hannah Block Historic USO to the Dreams Center and Bellamy Mansion. 
Southern Hospitality Sculpture
ROW bought a piece of art and donated it to the City in 2010.  If you've admired the "Southern Hospitality" sculpture of the Venus flytrap at the foot of Market St. you've seen the work of ROW's Grants Committee.

Through targeted fundraising activities, ROW supports community projects that:
  • enhance the natural beauty of the downtown Historic District (defined as lying between Red Cross and Queen Streets, from Eighth Street to the Cape Fear River)
  • are capital improvements – especially those that maintain/ restore downtown structures
  • foster the health of downtown arts and cultural programs or facilities and other community services that are important to ROW
  • are one-time in nature, and do not establish a regular pattern of support
  • reflect the diversity of the needs of the Historic District
  • potentially have the ability to leverage other available funding for maximum community impact
Do you have a project that ROW should support?  Click on THIS LINK to download an application.
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